Piercing Jewelry 14gauge, popular body piercing jewelry gauge

The most popular body piercing jewelry gauge is 14 ga. It is specifically intended for medium to smaller piercings. At 14ga rings.com you'll find various sized piercings including navel and ear piercings, eyebrow, lip and labret piercings, tongue, nose bridge and septum piercings, nipple and different male piercings.

The art of piercing has a long history. At the beginning of times man began to improve and decorate one's body with puncture inserting into them various subjects emphasizing courage, driving away the malicious spirits, showing the position in society. However during centuries Europeans recognized piercing as independent current of fashion and jewelry art only for rings for ears. All other kinds of piercing were considered to be extravagant accessories, exotic or elements of ethnic culture of tribes of the distant countries. The situation began to vary since XIX century, but only in XX century piercing became the mass phenomenon, first of all among the youth. The very first and the most widespread materials for piercing were bones and wood. With the development of the piercing art materials for piercing rings became more various. Today silver and gold jewelry for piercing are the most popular not only because of high aesthetic characteristics of jewelry made of precious metals. Gold jewelry for piercing is not oxidized and therefore such jewelry pieces are more safe and hygienic than costume jewelry made of cheap metals. Modern gold piercing jewelry is often decorated with different shades of gold and gemstones. Rings for piercing became a separate direction of jewelry fashion and each season all leading jewelry houses replenish catalogues of gold jewelry for piercing. But gold and silver jewelry is rather expensive and to have a large collection of piercing jewelry suitable to different situations and events, matching various clothes is easier buying cheaper but good looking jewelry made of titanium, stainless steel and acrylics. These materials are also safe and suitable for all kinds of piercing.

We offer you all kinds of captive bead rings, checkered and notched ball labrets, dice and beach cone labrets, jeweled ball labrets, UV labrets and many others for your lip piercing; nose screws with cones, various balls, pins with round and square gems of various colors, pins with stars, hearts, disks and flowers for your nose piercing collection; ball, dice, spike and spiral curved barbells for your navel piercing; curved, straight and circular barbells with glitter and hemitate balls, UV and glow-in-the-dark balls, dice, checkered and beach balls for your nipple piercing. You can choose any captive bead ring, circular and curved barbell, spiral and straight barbell, stud, labret, plug, shield, screw, taper for your eyebrow and tongue piercings.

People who wear earrings don't always think that they have piercing. Ear piercing has become such a common thing of our life that it's not considered to be piercing at all. But if a person has a flesh tunnel he is undoubtedly pierced for others. 14 ga is a widespread size for earrings. And we offer you various gold plated piercing rings, gleam tapers, captive bead rings, spiral, twisted, straight and circular barbells and other earrings. At our on-line store you can also fin piercing retainers, supplies and tools.

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