To be unique and look great check out our choice of flesh tunnels! Body piercing has been around for centuries and was primarily done due to religion than for self adornment. Much has changed and nowadays there are multiple types of piercing of almost each part of human's body. Flesh tunnels are very popular jewelry for ear piercing. Flesh tunnels are worn by people who want to flaunt the process of piercing stretching and more and more get hollowed flesh tunnels to expand their piercing. Flesh tunnels are available in various gauge sizes and the effect depends on it greatly. In our collection you'll find colorful acrylic tunnels, bright titanium anodized tunnels, chic gold tunnels, unique amber tunnels as well as many other steel and PTFE tunnels in unique designs and shapes. Enjoy it and make your choice!

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Web tunnel, 6 gaWeb tunnel, 6 gaRetail Price: $4.04
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Web tunnel, 8 gaWeb tunnel, 8 gaRetail Price: $3.23
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Synthetic amber saddle plugSynthetic amber saddle plugRetail Price: $14.57
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